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Painting at Easels


21st February 2019

An easel is an investment. It should last a long time and it pays to choose one that is well made and suitable for the painting and drawing you want to do. It needs to be sturdy, reliable and long-lasting. If you are working with a fluid medium like watercolour then it is best to have an easel which supports your work horizontally. If your media is less likely to drip – something like oils, acrylics or drawing materials, you will find one that holds your work in a vertical position is a good option.

Stunning Mabef Easels for all applications and budgets
Mabef Easels

We stock MABEF easels and believe that they are some of the highest quality easels on the market today.
MABEF have been making easels in Italy since 1948 and pride themselves on their ecologically sustainable approach. 100% of the wood waste from production is recycled and transformed into pellets, an ecological fuel used in heating the factory and offices. Made from solid beechwood MABEF easels are designed to be long-lasting and extremely resilient backed up by the fact that all their easels come with a lifetime guarantee.

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It pays to choose an Easel that is well made. Sturdy, reliable and long lasting.

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